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Need to know how to change each decimal to a fraction ...

.625 = ??? and how do you figure it?

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    you do it by seeing how many digits are after the decimal point and you add that many zeros to one.

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    can you help me in math? please

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    Following up Claire's answer, you need to know how many digits are in the decimal part of the number (ie to the right of the decimal point. eg. if you had 0.25 for example that would be 2 tenths + 5 hundredths (or 25/100) . This would then cancel to a quarter (1/4) as both numerator and denominator are divisible by 25 Clarissa.If there is ONE digit after the decimal point IT is put over 10 as a fraction (as it would represent the number of tenths that it is). Two digits would be put over 100, 3 over 1000, 4 over 10000, etc,Clarissa. It may be then that you can cancel down by means of factorising both numerator (top of fraction) and denominator (bottom part of fraction beneath the quotient line). I hope that this has helped.

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    625 thousands

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    How do I find out what 100% of a population is when I only know what 70% of population is?

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