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ok well... my prompt is

what is the artist's responsibility to right(correct) societal wrongs?

i'm just looking for some ideas to write about and how i should set it up because this prompt is giving me lots of trouble.

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    Most writers would probably say that correcting societal wrongs is not their main objective in their writing.

    This looks like an opinion question, so you'd need to first write what YOU THINK about this topic. Then develop your paper from there.

    Consider these writers:

    Kate Chopin:

    Langston Hughes:

    Joel Rosenberg:

    Mark Twain:

    Mary Shelley:

    Of course, there are umpteen others. Now what do you think?

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    I don't think an artist has any more or less responsibility to correct societal wrongs. We all can contribute in our own ways, though. Sonny Bono organized concerts to aid in African relief efforts. Painters have depicted horrific scenes that inspire the viewer to help right these wrongs.

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    ok thanks

    and if i did go with the "not an artist's responsibility"... how much do i really have to write about if i went with that

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    Whatever it takes to prove your point. Are you writing an argument essay? Be sure to find out exactly how to write these. One excellent source is

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