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i have these letters -
e e i t x d s y a
and i need to make a seven or eight word from them, if anyone can help it would be briliant thank you.

  • spellings -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are 2 7-letter words:

    Lots of 6-letter words but I can't think of one with 8 letters!


  • spellings -

    aardvark aardwolf aasvogel abacuses abalones abampere abandons abapical
    abasedly abashing abatable abatises abattoir abbacies abbatial abbesses
    abdicate abdomens abdomina abducens abducent abducing abducted abductee
    abductor abegging abelmosk aberrant abetment abettals abetters abetting
    abettors abeyance abeyancy abfarads abhenrys abhorred abhorrer abidance
    abigails abjectly abjurers abjuring ablating ablation ablative ablators
    ablegate ableisms ableists abluents ablution abnegate abnormal aboideau
    aboiteau abomasal abomasum abomasus aborally aborning aborters aborting
    abortion abortive aboulias abounded abrachia abradant abraders abrading
    abrasion abrasive abreacts abridged abridger abridges abrogate abrosias
    abrupter abruptly abscised abscises abscisin abscissa absconds abseiled
    absences absented absentee absenter absently absinthe absinths absolute
    absolved absolver absolves absonant absorbed absorber abstains absterge
    abstract abstrict abstruse absurder absurdly abundant abusable abutilon
    abutment abuttals abutters abutting academes academia academic acalephe
    acalephs acanthae acanthus acapnias acarbose acaridan acarines acarpous
    acaudate acauline acaulose acaulous acceders acceding accented accentor
    accepted acceptee accepter acceptor accessed accesses accident accidias
    accidies acclaims accolade accorded accorder accosted accounts accouter
    accoutre accredit accreted accretes accruals accruing accuracy accurate
    accursed accusals accusant accusers accusing accustom aceldama acentric
    acequias acerated acerbate acerbest acerbity acerolas acervate acervuli
    acescent acetamid acetated acetates acetones acetonic acetoxyl acetylic
    achenial achieved achiever achieves achillea achiness achingly achiotes
    acholias achromat achromic aciculae acicular aciculas aciculum acidemia
    acidhead acidness acidoses acidosis acidotic aciduria acierate acoelous
    acolytes aconites aconitic aconitum acoustic acquaint acquests acquired
    acquiree acquirer acquires acrasias acrasins acreages acridest acridine
    acridity acrimony acrobats acrodont acrogens acrolect acrolein acrolith
    acromial acromion acronyms acrosome acrostic acrotism acrylate acrylics
    actiniae actinian actinias actinide actinism actinium actinoid actinons
    actioner activate actively activism activist activity activize actorish
    actressy actually actuated actuates actuator acuities aculeate acutance
    acylated acylates acyloins adamance adamancy adamants adamsite adapters
    adapting adaption adaptive adaptors addendum addicted addition additive
    additory adducent adducers adducing adducted adductor adeeming adenines
    adenitis adenoids adenomas adenoses adenosis adeptest adequacy adequate
    adherend adherent adherers adhering adhesion adhesive adhibits adiposes
    adiposis adjacent adjoined adjoints adjourns adjudged adjudges adjuncts
    adjurers adjuring adjurors adjusted adjuster adjustor adjutant adjuvant
    admasses admirals admirers admiring admitted admittee admitter admixing
    admonish adnation adonises adoptees adopters adopting adoption adoptive
    adorable adorably adorners adorning adrenals adroiter adroitly adscript
    adsorbed adsorber adularia adulated adulates adulator adultery adumbral
    aduncate aduncous advanced advancer advances advected adverted advisees
    advisers advising advisors advisory advocacy advocate advowson adynamia
    adynamic aecidial aecidium aequorin aerating aeration aerators aerially
    aerified aerifies aeriform aerobats aerobics aerobium aeroduct aerodyne
    aerofoil aerogels aerogram aerolite aerolith aerology aeronaut aeronomy
    aerosats aerosols aerostat aesthete aestival aetheric afebrile affaires
    affected affecter afferent affiance affiants affiches affinely affinity
    affirmed affirmer affixers affixial affixing afflatus afflicts affluent
    affluxes afforded afforest affrayed affrayer affright affronts affusion
    afghanis aflutter aftertax agalloch agalwood agametes agaroses agatized
    agatizes agedness agemates agencies agendums ageneses agenesia agenesis
    agenetic agenized agenizes agential agenting agentive ageratum aggadahs
    aggadoth aggraded aggrades aggrieve aginners agiotage agisting agitable
    agitated agitates agitator agitprop aglimmer aglitter aglycone aglycons
    agminate agnation agnizing agnomens agnomina agnosias agnostic agonised
    agonises agonists agonized agonizes agouties agraffes agraphia agraphic
    agrarian agreeing agrestal agrestic agrimony agrology agronomy agrypnia
    aguacate aguelike agueweed aguishly aigrette aiguille ailerons ailments
    aimfully ainsells airboats airborne airbound airbrush airburst airbuses
    aircheck aircoach aircraft aircrews airdates airdrome airdrops airfares
    airfield airflows airfoils airframe airglows airheads airholes airiness
    airlifts airliner airlines airmails airparks airplane airplays airports
    airposts airpower airproof airscape airscrew airsheds airships airshots
    airshows airspace airspeed airstrip airthing airtight airtimes airwaves
    airwoman airwomen aisleway akinesia akinetic akvavits alachlor alacrity
    alamedas alamodes alanines alarming alarmism alarmist alarumed alastors
    alations albacore albedoes albicore albinism albizias albizzia albumens
    albumins albumose alburnum alcahest alcaides alcaldes alcaydes alcazars
    alchemic alcidine alcohols aldehyde alderfly alderman aldermen aldicarb
    aldolase aleatory alehouse alembics alencons alertest alerting aleurone
    aleurons alewives alexines alfalfas alfaquin alfaquis alforjas alfresco
    algaroba algebras algerine algicide algidity alginate algology algorism
    aliasing alibiing alidades alienage alienate alienees alieners aliening
    alienism alienist alienors alighted aligners aligning aliments aliquant
    aliquots alizarin alkahest alkalies alkalify alkaline alkalise alkalize
    alkaloid alkanets alkoxide alkylate allanite allayers allaying allegers
    alleging allegory allegros allelism alleluia allergen allergic allergin
    alleyway allheals alliable alliance allicins allobars allocate allodial
    allodium allogamy allonges allonyms allopath allosaur allotted allottee
    allotter allotype allotypy allovers allowing alloxans alloying allseeds
    allsorts allspice alluding allurers alluring allusion allusive alluvial
    alluvion alluvium almagest almanack almanacs almemars almighty almoners
    alogical alopecia alopecic alphabet alphorns alphosis alpinely alpinism
    alpinist alterant alterers altering alterity althaeas althorns although
    altitude altoists altruism altruist aluminas alumines aluminic aluminum
    alumroot alunites alveolar alveolus alyssums amadavat amalgams amandine
    amanitas amanitin amaranth amarelle amaretti amaretto amarones amassers
    amassing amateurs amazedly ambaries amberies amberina amberoid ambiance
    ambience ambients ambition ambivert amboinas amboynas ambroids ambrosia
    ambsaces ambulant ambulate ambushed ambusher ambushes ameerate amelcorn
    amenable amenably amenders amending amentias amercers amercing amesaces
    amethyst amiantus amicable amicably amidases amidines amidogen amidones
    amidship amirates amitoses amitosis amitotic amitrole ammeters ammocete
    ammonals ammoniac ammonias ammonify ammonite ammonium ammonoid amnesiac
    amnesias amnesics amnestic amnionic amniotes amniotic amoebean amoeboid
    amorally amoretti amoretto amorists amortise amortize amosites amotions
    amounted amperage amphibia amphioxi amphipod amphorae amphoral amphoras
    amplexus ampoules ampullae ampullar amputate amputees amreetas amtracks
    amusable amusedly amygdala amygdale amygdule amylases amylenes amylogen
    amyloids amyloses anabaena anabases anabasis anabatic anableps anabolic
    anaconda anaemias anaerobe anaglyph anagoges anagogic anagrams analcime
    analcite analecta analects analemma analgias analogic analogue analysed
    analyser analyses analysis analysts analytes analytic analyzed analyzer
    analyzes anapaest anapests anaphase anaphora anaphors anarchic anasarca
    anatases anathema anatomic anatoxin ancestor ancestry anchored anchoret
    anchusas anchusin ancients ancillae ancillas anconeal anconoid andantes
    andesite andesyte andirons androgen androids anearing anecdota anecdote
    anechoic anemones anemoses anemosis anergias anergies aneroids anestrus
    anethole anethols aneurins aneurism aneurysm angakoks angarias angaries
    angelica angeling angering anginose anginous angiomas anglepod anglings
    angriest angstrom angulate angulose angulous anhingas anilines animalic
    animally animated animater animates animator animisms animists animuses
    aniseeds anisette anisoles ankerite ankushes ankylose annalist annattos
    annealed annealer annelids annexing annotate announce annoyers annoying
    annually annulate annulets annulled annulose anodally anodized anodizes
    anodynes anodynic anointed anointer anolytes anoopsia anopsias anoretic
    anorexia anorexic anorthic anosmias anovular anoxemia anoxemic anserine
    anserous answered answerer antacids antalgic antbears anteater antecede
    antedate antefixa antelope antennae antennal antennas antepast anterior
    anteroom antetype antevert anthelia anthelix anthemed anthemia anthemic
    antheral antherid antheses anthesis anthills anthodia antiacne antiarin
    antiatom antibias antibody antiboss anticity anticked anticold anticult
    antidora antidote antidrug antifoam antigang antigene antigens antihero
    antiking antileak antileft antilife antilock antilogs antilogy antimale
    antimask antimere antimine antimony antinode antinome antinomy antinuke
    antiphon antipill antipode antipole antipope antiporn antipyic antiqued
    antiquer antiques antirape antiriot antirock antiroll antirust antisera
    antiship antiskid antislip antismog antismut antisnob antispam antistat
    antitank antitype antiwear antiweed antlered antlions antonyms antonymy
    antrorse antsiest anureses anuresis anuretic anviling anvilled anviltop
    anyplace anything anywhere aoristic apagoges apagogic apanages aparejos
    apatetic apathies apatites aperient aperitif aperture aphagias aphanite
    aphasiac aphasias aphasics aphelian aphelion aphidian apholate aphonias
    aphonics aphorise aphorism aphorist aphorize aphthous apiarian apiaries
    apiarist apically apiculus apimania apiology aplasias aplastic apoapses
    apoapsis apocarps apocarpy apocopes apocopic apocrine apodoses apodosis
    apogamic apologal apologia apologue apolunes apomicts apomixes apomixis
    apophony apophyge apoplexy apospory apostacy apostasy apostate apostils
    apostles apothece apothegm apothems appalled appanage apparats apparels
    apparent appealed appealer appeared appeased appeaser appeases appellee
    appellor appended appendix appestat appetent appetite applauds applause
    appliers applique applying appoints apposers apposing apposite appraise
    apprised appriser apprises apprized apprizer apprizes approach approval
    approved approver approves appulses apractic apraxias apricots aproning
    apterium apterous aptitude apyrases apyretic aquacade aquafarm aqualung
    aquanaut aquarial aquarian aquarist aquarium aquatics aquatint aquatone
    aquavits aqueduct aquifers aquiline arabesks arabicas arabized arabizes
    araceous arachnid araneids arapaima ararobas arbalest arbalist arbelest
    arbiters arbitral arboreal arboreta arborist arborize arborous arboured
    arbuscle arbutean arcadian arcadias arcading arcanums arcature archaeal
    archaean archaeon archaise archaism archaist archaize archduke archfoes
    archines archings archival archived archives archness archways arciform
    arcsines arcuated ardently areaways arenites areolate areology arethusa
    argental argentic argentum arginase arginine argonaut argosies arguable
    arguably argufied argufier argufies argument aridness ariettas ariettes
    arillate arillode arilloid aristate armagnac armament armature armbands
    armchair armholes armigero armigers armillae armillas armloads armlocks
    armoires armonica armorers armorial armories armoring armoured armourer
    armrests armyworm arnattos arnottos arointed aromatic arousals arousers
    arousing aroynted arpeggio arquebus arraigns arranged arranger arranges
    arrantly arrayals arrayers arraying arrested arrestee arrester arrestor
    arrhizal arrivals arrivers arriving arrogant arrogate arrowing arsenals
    arsenate arsenics arsenide arsenite arsenous arsonist arsonous artefact
    arterial arteries artfully articled articles artifact artifice artiness
    artisans artistes artistic artistry artsiest artworks arugolas arugulas
    arythmia arythmic asbestic asbestos asbestus ascarids ascended ascender
    ascetics ascidian ascidium ascocarp ascorbic ascribed ascribes ashcakes
    ashfalls ashiness ashlared ashlered ashplant ashtrays asocials asparkle
    asperate asperges asperity aspersed asperser asperses aspersor asphalts
    aspheric asphodel asphyxia aspirant aspirata aspirate aspirers aspiring
    aspirins assagais assailed assailer assassin assaults assayers assaying
    assegais assemble assembly assented assenter assentor asserted asserter
    assertor assessed assesses assessor assignat assigned assignee assigner assignor assisted assister assistor assoiled assonant assorted assorter assuaged assuager assuages assumers assuming assureds assurers
    assuring assurors asswaged asswages astasias astatine asterias asterisk
    asterism asternal asteroid asthenia asthenic astigmia astilbes astomous
    astonied astonies astonish astounds astragal astrally astricts astringe
    astutely asyndeta atabrine ataghans atalayas atamasco ataraxia ataraxic
    atavisms atavists atechnic ateliers atemoyas atenolol athanasy atheisms
    atheists atheling atheneum atheroma athetoid athletes athletic athodyds
    atlantes atomical atomised atomiser atomises atomisms atomists atomized
    atomizer atomizes atonable atonally atrazine atremble atresias atrocity
    atrophia atrophic atropine atropins atropism attached attacher attaches
    attacked attacker attagirl attained attainer attaints attemper attempts
    attended attendee attender attested attester attestor atticism atticist
    atticize attiring attitude attorned attorney attracts attrited attrites
    attuning atwitter atypical auberges aubretia aubrieta auctions audacity
    audibled audibles audience audients auditees auditing audition auditive
    auditors auditory augments augurers auguries auguring auguster augustly
    aunthood auntlier auntlike aurality aureolae aureolas aureoled aureoles
    auricled auricles auricula auriform aurorean ausforms auspices austerer
    australs autacoid autarchs autarchy autarkic autecism authored autistic
    autobahn autocade autocoid autocrat autodyne autogamy autogeny autogiro
    autogyro autoharp autolyse autolyze automata automate automats autonomy
    autonyms autopens autopsic autosome autotomy autotype autotypy autumnal
    autunite auxetics avadavat availing avarices avellane avengers avenging
    aventail averaged averages averment averring aversely aversion aversive
    averters averting avgasses avianize aviaries aviarist aviating aviation
    aviators aviatrix avicular avidness avifauna avigator avionics avocados
    avodires avoiders avoiding avouched avoucher avouches avowable avowably
    avowedly avulsing avulsion awaiters awaiting awakened awakener awardees
    awarders awarding awayness aweather awfuller awlworts awninged


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    Try these:











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    But I thought you were to use those letters, without adding any?


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