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  • Spanish repost subjunctive -

    Please read the P.S. I sent you one more time! Would you believe they are all wrong? You will need the accent marks or they are marked wrong.

    1. será = future; no reason for Subjunctive

    2. irán = future; must be plural to go with the subject O y M and must have written accent mark. (ido is the past participle and goes with a form of haber = ha ido = has gone)

    3. puedan = Subjunctive because of
    dudo = DOUBT and it must be plural because of subject ellos = 3rd person plural.

    4. vayan = the verb is (ir) NOT (poder) = Subjunctive because of "Es posible "= my reason #4 in the P.S.

    5. puedan = plural subject AND Subjunctive because of "Es posible" = see above

    6. haya = Present Subjunctive because of "es posible que" ALWAYS using Subjunctive

    7. será = but on a test the Future would be marked incorrect because there is no written accent.

    8. This would be a good choice EXCEPT for "no es imposible" which is judgment and requires the Subjunctive.

    Now, you may have some questions to ask! You MUST concentrate on the P.S. I gave you with the reasons for using the Subjunctive = 1, 2, 3 and #4 has to do with impersonal expressions still expressing 1, 2, or 3. Draw out the locomotive + QUE + caboose and label the locomotive with WISH, EMOTION and DOUBT and the caboose with SUBJUNCTIVE. Don't forget the "trailer hitch" QUE in between!


  • Spanish repost subjunctive -

    Thank you I understand what you said but you were the one who said #1 was será I said it was era so I'm confused about that one. I know to use the accent marks I have to copy and paste from that site you gave me so it takes much more time.

  • Spanish repost subjunctive -

    #8 Yes I had to leave the house quickly and I was afraid I forgot #8. The answer is Subjunctive = resolvamos.

    Era is the Imperfect of ser. The instructions clearly stated you must choose Present Subjunctive OR Future. That eliminated the Imperfect. If you look at the first sentence, the "hace + period of time requires the present to say: "O & M have been in Costa Rica 3 days. The 2nd then will say "I'm sure the trip will be (futur) fantastic for the two.

    Copy & paste from a site? I didn't give you a site where you need to copy and paste!

    I have to leave now but I'll check the boards when I get back, in case you have further questions.


  • Spanish repost subjunctive -

    yes you did. its suppose to be a different way but it doesnt work for me. w w w . mason . gmu . edu / ~aalonso / accents . html

  • Spanish repost subjunctive -

    I found the website but it belongs to a teacher and it is not I!


  • Spanish repost subjunctive -

    WAIT! Are you now telling me you are Sheila, and NOT Anonymous? I gave Sheila a GOOGLE Search on "Knight of Olmeda" = a literature site! It has nothing to do with YOUR post about the Subjunctive!


  • Spanish repost subjunctive -

    Sorry, Anonymous. Please tell me WHERE that post was? I can not find it nor does it seem at all familiar!


  • Spanish repost subjunctive -

    im not sheila

  • Spanish repost subjunctive -

    heres the reference point.

    Hace tres dias octavio y miguel estan en costa rica. Estoy segura de que el viaje (era) fantastico para los dos. Creo que alli (ir) a ver plantas exoticas de todo tipo. Dudo que ellos (poder) hacer todo lo que quieren en solo tres dias. Hay muchos lugares interesantes que visitar. Es posible que ellos (ir) solo a dos o tres lugares. Es posible que uno de esos dias ellos (poder) visitar la selva tropical. La naturaleza de costa rica es impresionante. En costa rica van a ver que es muy importante cuidar la naturaleza. donato y yo creemos que en el futuro es posible que no (haber) tanta contaminacion en el mundo entero si los paises se juntan. Pero algunos creen que eso no (ser) posible. Yo creo que no es imposible que nosotros (resolver) estos problemas.

  • Spanish repost subjunctive -

    Before I get too confused here: do you now have the 8 answers for these verbs and do you understand why they are as I wrote them?


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