12th grade participation in govt.

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A. Select a public policy issue you are very familiar with. Fully describe that public policy issue including who was responsible for the public policy and its impact on social conditions

B. List 4 players who support the public policy.

C. List 4 players who oppose the public policy.”

Well, sounds easy enough ,if i knew where to find out about public policies, and if i knew what a public policy was… Any help will be appreciated.. If you can suggest a public policy a 18 year old would know about..

  • 12th grade participation in govt. -

    This site explains public policy.


    Public policies that you probably know about include the minimal age for drinking, voting, and driving in your state. But I think you'd have a hard time finding four players that oppose these existing policies.

    However, you may want to research such public policies as health care, illegality of marijuana, teaching of sex education or creationism in public schools, or No Child Left Behind.

  • 12th grade participation in govt. -

    thanks a lot. decided to go with the smoking ban policy.

  • 12th grade participation in govt. -

    That's a good one; I'm surprised I didn't think of it. <g>

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