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I have to write a narrative essay about a time when i had to do something that went against my beliefs or convictions.

I thought about it for like an hour, but I can't figure out a decent example.
Can anyone tell me an example so I can understant what kind of topic would work?


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    Have you ever lied to your mom? Your grandmom?
    Lied to your teacher?
    Broke a rule?

    No one is without Sin.

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    i need help!!!!

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    This would be difficult for someone else to do, as who would know your beliefs or convictions. Perhaps it could be you don't think you should have homework on the weekends or during vacation, but someone assigned it anyway?


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    Here is a personal example:

    In high school, I went bowling with my boyfriend and some other friends. I knew my parents wanted to know where I was going and when I'd be back -- and usually they set the time when I was to be back! But that night, the bowling alley was too full, so we decided to go somewhere else. Immediately, I started having a very uneasy feeling (that was realization I was going "against my beliefs or convictions"), and at that point I should probably have called home, but I didn't, and that was my mistake. We went about 20 miles away to see a movie, and I didn't get home until well past my curfew. My father was furious, and I knew it was my fault. He grounded me anyway, and that stung, but I knew I had it coming. Obeying my parents' rules was not to be questioned, and I had known that for years!

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