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A feature of the American political system NOT adopted from practice in England is:

a)appeal of disputed court decisions to higher courts
b) legislative control of government finaces
c) local government through town meetings
d) the bicameral legislative system
e) the office of sheriff for maintaing law and order

I'm really unsure about this one...I realy have no idea! Just guessing though is it c? Sorry but if anyone could help me out that'd be so nice!

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    The colonies hated the taxes imposed by King George, the King had control of taxation. The colonies wanted a separation of powers, so the Executive did not gain the power of the purse (or taxes).

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    Oh so is it b then? Thank you for helping me!

  • social studies - was looking up what "bicameral" meant and now I'm the answer d because we have the senate and the house of representatives? Or is it still b? Sorry...I think I just confused myself! ;)

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    The British have a bicameral legislature -- the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

  • social studies - it is b then! Thanks for helping me! :)

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