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What would it take to generate a ball of pure visible electrical energy in my hands??? Can anyone explain to me a sort of apparatus? I am an avid Artist, and like my science. So I'm trying to work within the boundries of as-realistic-as-possible. A sort of rational explanation of the supernatural one might say.

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    visible electrical energy? One might offer rational explanations of the supernatural, but I wonder who would listen closely. I think you might be thinking of something symbolic of electrical energy, such as a plasma arc, you know those glass balls at the odd gift shops who have small lightening bolts coming from the center to the outside. In fact, you might try one of those, however, remember they work on low pressures with an ionizable gas inside.

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    Hey Bob. How exactly would that apparatus work? I'm assuming it runs on a cercuit, so the electricity would pass through the ionized gas in a visible form???

    You also mention low pressure. This would be important because the gass would need to move. And since a current is being passed throuhg ( ??? ) the particles would collide. So if the pressure were high it would explode?

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    You need to learn some science, you have a vivid imagination, but that has to be tempered with the observations existing already in the real world. To advance, we have to stand on the shoulder of giants, not mixing fancy with facts.
    Low pressure has nothing to do with gas molecules moving. It has to do with the mean path length of ions. Again, electricity is not visible. What is visible is ionized gas discharging to a reduced energy level giving off visible photons.
    The best way to learn about physics, is to study physics.

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    I don't mean through psychic forces..... umm....... let me rephrase :

    How would one go about generating a ball of electrical energy?

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