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i have 4 questions that i need help with

1. The albany congress of 1754:
a. alienated the indians
b. failed to establish colonial unity
c. protested against taxtion without representtation
d. set up an effective intercolonial defense system

I think the answer is D

2. From 1754 to 1763 England's position in America was weakened by the following except
a. contempt of American soldiers
b. a shattering of the myth of british invincibility
c. colonial reluctance to support the war financially
d. the use of young generals

I think the answer is D

3. The great awakening
a. featured a battle between conservative and liberal theology
b. undermined calvinism
c. permanetly checked liberal theological doctrines
d. had but slight impact

I think it is C

4. Colonial society was characterized by
a. the ease of rising on the social ladder
b. rigid class distinctions
c. a complete absence of social barriers
d. the presence of birtually no criminals

i think it is B

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    Check these two sites:

    The Albany Congress:

    The great Awakening.

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    i already have i cant figure out the answers though

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    I agree with your answer for # 1, but I disagree with your other three answers.

    2. Which young generals did the British or Americans use? How did they undermine Britain? Did the colonists like being heavily taxed to support the British in the French and Indian War? Was there a myth that the British were invincible? Don't all soldiers hold the enemy in contempt?

    3. I don't like any of the answers for this question. But you can find the best answer in the Wikipedia site GuruBlue posted.

    4. Although there were rigid class distinctions, didn't the colonists ease some of them because they needed talent and hard work, regardless of family background?

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    thanks for your help. WOuld the answer to question 3 be A then

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    Yes. 3A

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