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I need to say what is funny about this poem:- thankyou
The writer of this poem Is taller than a tree As keen as the North Wind As handsome as can be
As bold as a boxing glove As sharp as a nib As strong as scaffolding As tricky as a fib
As smooth as a lolly-ice As quick as a lick As clean as a chemist -shop As clever as a ( picture of an upright rectangle)
The writer of this poem Never ceases to amaze He`s one in a million billion ( or so this poem says ! )

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    What makes YOU smile in this poem?

    I really liked the simile " As quick as a lick". I have a dog that can lick quicker than I can blink an eye... =)

    Also remember that the write is describing HIMSELF!

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    thanks for your help i understood it better thanks again

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    Here are some sites on similes:

    1. (Broken Link Removed)


    3. (definition):


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