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a entrepreneur is a person who can undertake a commercial venture. what are 6 characteristics of this person

  • entrepreneur (ontreprenor) -


    I would add to those ten characteristics having the ability to evaluate and manipulate others.

  • entrepreneur (ontreprenor) -

    This lovely word has been borrowed from the French.
    entre = between; among; in, into
    preneur = taker, buyer

    The feminine form is entrepreneuse, however we don't use that.

    Here is what my dictionary says:

    Main Entry: en·tre·pre·neur
    Pronunciation: "änn-tr&-p(r)&-'n&r, -'n(y)ur
    Function: noun
    Etymology: French, from Old French, from entreprendre to undertake —more at ENTERPRISE
    Date: 1852
    : one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise
    - en·tre·pre·neur·ial /-'n(y)ur-E-&l, -'n&r-/ adjective
    - en·tre·pre·neur·ial·ism /-E-&-li-z&m/ noun
    - en·tre·pre·neur·ial·ly /-E-&-lE/ adverb
    - en·tre·pre·neur·ship /-'n&r-"ship, -'n(y)ur-/ noun


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