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Health (please answer as soon as possible)

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can anybody tell me the effects of the following on physical health, emotional health, intellectual health, psychological health and social health.
1.> Drug Addiction
2.> Losing body weight by eating well and exercising
3.> Unhealthy Sexual Behaviours
4.> Winning a state Soccer Championship
5.> Anorexia

  • Health (please answer as soon as possible) -

    Answering this question would take many pages.

    We'll be glad to comment on your answers.

  • Health (please........ fast) -

    please can u tell atleast one points for each????????

  • Health (please answer as soon as possible) -

    all of them .

  • Health (please answer at least one point for each plz...) -

    ya, all of them. can you tell me atleast one point for each please!!!!!!!!

  • Health (please answer as soon as possible) -

    People screw up all of their health with drug addiction. They fry their brains and sometimes die from overdoses. They become dependent upon the drugs to the exclusion of their own psychological well-being. They alienate friends and family and usually cannot hold a job. In addition, drug addicts often resort to theft and/or prostitution to pay for their habit.

  • Health (please answer as soon as possible) -

    Unhealthy sexual behaviors can lead to unwanted pregnancies and/or STDs like AIDS.

    Anorexia leads to excessive thinness and possibly death.

    This should start you out. Thanks for asking.

  • Health (please answer as soon as possible) -

    what is health

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