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for question 2c earlier - Would you describe the effect of heat on the white powders as a physical change or a chemical change? give one reason for your answer. - My sister told me the answer would be for whichever one is more difficult to reverse but I don't know which one that is. I think it might be a chemical change but if the actual substance didn't change than it should be easy to reverse right?

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    The original post was a day or so ago and I don't remember all of the question. Have you identified the two white powders? If so, post that information and I can respond.

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    Well I know the first two answers. 2a) was sublimination- turning directly from a solid to a gas and I worked out that 2b) was zinc oxide- it turned yellow on heating and white on cooling.

  • Chemistry + possible answers -

    Changing a solid to a gas by sublimation is a physical change because it was the same material before and after; i.e., the composition has not changed. I also think the ZnO is a physical change since the composition did not change. (Some oxides decompose on heating to give the metal + oxygen but I don't think ZnO is one of those).

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