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Jim, Kim, Mim, and Tim all went fishing. They each caught ine fish, They measured each fish to the nearest inch and weighed them to the nearest pound. When they lined the fish up end to end, the fish stretched from one edge of the 6-foot-long table to the other. The four fish weighed a total of 20 lbs.

*Tim's fish was the longest, and one of only two fish that were equal of weight.

*Jim's fish was 1 inch shorter than Tim's and 1 inch longer than Kim's

*Kim's fish was the shortest and lightest. It weighed a full 2 lbs lass than Mim's

*The weight of Jim's fish and Tim's fish combined was the same as the combined weight if Mim's fish anf Kim's fish.

*The shortest fish was 1 foot, 5 inches long.

it's very tricky for me and I don't understand....^^ thx for any help

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    Of course it is tricky. First, Kims fish is 1 foot, 5 inches. Then Jims is 1 foot, 6 inches. Then Tim's fish is 1 foot, 7 inches. Then the remainder of the six feet is Mim's fish.

    Now do the same with weight. Start with The fact that tim and somebody else had equal weights.

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    but i thought that Tim jhad the longest fish...?

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    But Tim has the longest fish, not Mim (t=1 ft and 5in) (m=4 ft 6 in) CONFUSED!

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