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posted by bill

hey everybody. is there a difference between maori and maori english?i am totally confused now.I am supposed to write an important paper about maori english(phonology grammar etc.)and i am wondering if i have maybe mixed up those two and i am almoust finished with my paper! i googled maori english but the only thing i get is actually maori features.does anybody something more about that?

  1. bobpursley

    Yes. Maori is a language. English is a language. Some Maori words are used in NZ English, especially in the North Island.

  2. SraJMcGin

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. When you first asked for Maori English, I wondered if you meant Te Reo, the Polynesian language the Maori speak or the effect of Maori on English in New Zealand! Both languages are accepted in N.Z. Then, also, there are Maori words in English text. Her eare some Websites:

    1. (PDF file to download):

    2. (Maori words that appear in English text): (Broken Link Removed)

    3. (3 languages of N.Z.):

    4. (Maori English = no hyphen):

    5. (Maori-English = with hyphen):

    6. (Maori English dictionary):

    7. (Maori-English dictionary): (NOTE: This may be a way of shortening Maori--->English/English--->Maori!)

    Well, isn't this interesting! What EXACTLY was the topic you were to write on? Did you select the topic yourself? You might as well include the "confusion" in your paper?


  3. bill

    i'll check now all these sites.but i am so confused topic is just called maori english and i am actually writing about maori language.but as far as i know phonology grammar etc. should be the same.only some vocabulary has least i hope so.thank you

  4. SraJMcGin

    So, if you were GIVEN the topic "Maori English" why couldn't your paper include the confusion? Who wouldn't be confused between:
    Maori English


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