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Science! Plz help!

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I can't figure this out. The questions are
1. A 25 letter word for a endoplasmic reticulum connected to the ribosomes.
2. 14 letter word for packaging of materials inside the cell.
3. 11 letter word for sinle- celled organism that can live on it's own
4. a 15 letter word for something that has a nucleus and membrane covered organelles.
5. no nuleus, no membrane, covered organelles except for ribosome- 15 letters.
6. The fluid in the cell.
Plz help. These r really hard and I can't figure them out. It's due tomorrow. Please help.

  • Science! Plz help! -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Science is not my area but surely your textbook should be of help. If not, try a GOOGLE Search.


  • Science! Plz help! -

    6.> Cytoplasm
    5.> Prokaryotic cell ( i guess)
    4.> Eukaryotics cell
    2.> plasma membrane

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