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what are 4 countries found on the equator and their locations? 30 degrees North longitude and 30 degrees east latitude, what country is this located in? What is the difference between latitude and latitude lines?

I don't have a globe so how am i supposed to do some of this?

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    Any world map or atlas will be a good source for this information.

    This site has an excellent world map.

    If you post your answers, we'll be glad to check them.

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    Brazil, columbia, Equador, Kenya are located on the equator. And Egypt is located 30 degrees north longitude and 30 degrees east latitude. But i didn't figure out the difference between latitude and latitude lines.

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    You're right about the countries. :-)

    Latitude lines go around the globe -- east-west -- and are parallel to each other. They measure distance from the Prime Meridian.

    Longitude lines go up and down (the long way) -- north-south. They are not parellel to each other, but meet at the Poles. They measure distance from the Equator.

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    subtract the highest from the lowest and divide by four

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