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I am learning about active voice and passive voice. I was given some exercises to do, and I'm not sure if my answers are right or not. I'm confused because my worksheet says the verb to be is passive. Is it always passive? Can you help me understand if these verbs are active or passive please? Thanks!

A community center will be opened to everyone.

There was discussion about the project after the meeting was over.

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    When the verb "to be" is used in a sentence, the sentence will not be in the active voice.

    In active voice sentence, the subject does something.... that is why it is called active.

    In those sentences what action is the subject taking?

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    Thanks for answering Guru! I get the general idea of active and passive.

    I cooked dinner. (active)
    The dinner was cooked by me. (passive--I'm doing the cooking--not the dinner)

    But I'm still not sure of these sentences...

    A community center will be opened to everyone.

    The center is the subject as it is doing the opening (not everyone).

    So, that is in active voice?

    There was discussion about the project after the meeting was over.

    Is the subject really the project?

    Are (there) was and (the meeting) was over both in passive voice?

    The project was discussed after the meeting.

    Is that active voice now?

    Sorry I'm having a hard time with this. Thanks for your help.

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    A community center will be opened to everyone.

    Is the center doing anything? <G> Did it get up and open the door?

    Also remember... if there is any form of the verb "to be" in the sentence, it is not active.

    There was discussion about the project after the meeting was over.

    Discussion is the subject, and there is a be verb.

    Active voice would be "We discussed the project." We are doing something. No "be" verb.

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