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I have three questions...

Okay think of a 1-9 multiplication table.

1. Are there more odd or even products? How can you determine the answer without counting?

2. Is this different from a 1-9 addition facts table? Explain.

And for the last one don't use the table or anything else.

3. Explain why it is helpful to use a plan to solve problems. Include an explanation of the importance of performing each step of the four-step plan
(Four-step problem solving plan: Explore. Plan. Solve. Check)

I just can come up with the answers! Can you help?!

  • Mathematics -

    In such a table, without zeroes, there are 9 x 9 = 81 entries. 5 x 5 = 25 are odd-odd products (and therefore odd); 4x4 = 16 are even-even products (and therefore even) and 2x4x5= 40 are even-odd products (and therefore even).
    Only 25 of the 81 entries are therefore odd.

    The results will be different for a 1-9 addition table, because you need odd + even to get odd. Other combinations are even.

    Use your own words to answer 3.

  • Mathematics -

    12x whenx=5

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