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OK, this is more of a personal thing. Needed to interview some people on some American events, don't really know anyone old enough to answer.

President Kennedy's Assassination (Nov. 22, 1963)
What do you remember about that day?
Where were you?
How did you hear about the event?
How did this event change our country?

Landing on the Moon (July 1969)
What do you remember about that day?
Where were you?
How did you hear about the event?
How did this event change our country?

Mt. St. Helens Erupted (May 18, 1980)
What do you remember about that day?
Where were you?
How did you hear about the event?
How did this event change our country?

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    Kennedy's assassination - I was in my classroom at school and I stood in the door and the tears ran down my face. My husband and I had planned to volunteer for the Peace Corp. Kennedy had given us hope that if we put our hands and heart into making the world better, we could. We had a two year old and we wanted to be part of the work to make a real difference . We Believed We Could. The announcement was broadcast over the school announcement system. It took us years to once again believe individuals would really make a difference. Cynicism is a hard ill to cure.

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    Kennedy's assassination. I was teaching a sophomore English class when the principal announced the assassination. I suggested we have a few minutes of silence. When someone became restless, we broke the silence to discuss this tragedy. As a native Illinoisan and onetime Springfield resident, I couldn't help but compare it to Lincoln's assassination. That weekend, I had my own young children write their thoughts about the assassination. How did it change the country? We became aware that our President's lives are in danger. We certainly increased our Presidential security.

    When we landed on the moon, we were camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We went into the nearest small town to find a television. It was a very foggy night, but we found a tv in a convenience store where we watched the landing. Our 13-year-old son was especially impressed and has been interested in astronomy ever since.

    I don't remember much about the Mt. St. Helen's eruption.

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    About the moon landing -- How did this event change our country?

    The moon landing showed us that if we put enough money, people-power, and emphasis, we can solve almost any problem. If we used the same level of resources, we could solve our energy, health care, and economic problems.

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