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An air bubble at the bottom of a lake 35.0 m deep has a volume of 1.88 cm^3. If the temperature at the bottom is 5.4 C and at the top 19.5 C, what is the volume of the bubble just before it reaches the surface?

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    You have a temp change, and a pressure change. Figure the pressure at surface as one atm(10.3m water), and the pressure at 35 m is then 45.3m water total.


    V2=P1V2T2/T1P2 where condition 1 is at the depth, and condition 2 is at the surface. Be certain to change temps to Kelvins

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    PV/T = constant (remember T in Kelvin)
    pressure = 1 atmosphere at surface, about 10^5 pascals
    add to that rho g h for pressure at the bottom where rho is density of water (10^3 kg/m^3) and g is 9.8 m/s^2 and h is 35 m

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