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I have to write a one-page essay for my English class. Could you correct my essay and give a feedback? Thank you.

Why is Dali so popular? – 1 page
Salvador Dali quickly succeeded as an artist while he was alive, unlike other painters. His surrealistic works have religious and historical meanings, also people’s life. Maybe one of the factors that made him a successful painter was that he had a great talent of drawing and painting. He had an ability to make his surreal images believable to the audience. Even though his images were exaggerated and very much dreamlike, he had a great skill to express details accurately and almost photo-realistic, so that the images catch the audience’s eyes quickly and show a hidden message at the same time.

Not only Dali’s paintings are eye-catching, but they also have a deep psychological impact. For instance, his The Persistence of Vision makes an immediate sensory and visceral reaction. It is hard to not have a reaction on a deep level for an audience who looks at Dali’s painting. His art provokes our inner thoughts, fantasies, dreams, desires, and fears.

Philippe de Champagne’s Vanitas is a still life painting with a tulip, skull, and hourglass. The word ‘vanitas’ means emptiness, and De Champagne made this painting to show how our life is short and how death cannot be prevented or avoided. In his paintings, all three objects represent the transience of human existence. In Dali’s work, Human Skull consisting of Seven Naked Bodies, also carries a similar meaning. Philippe Halsman took this photograph after Dali’s drawing. Seven naked women are posed in the photograph. They are alive, but the shape they created is a skull. Just like De Champagne, Dali expressed mortality of human beings. We are alive, but we can be dead at any moment.

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