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State the period and phase shift of the function y=-4tan(1/2x + 3pi/8)

a) 2pi, -3pi/4
b) pi, 3pi/8
c) 2pi, 3pi/8
d) pi, -3pi/8

Answer: d

2) What is the equation for the inverse of y=cos x+3:
a) y=Arccos(x+3)
b) y=Arccos x-3
c) y=Arccos x+3
d) y=Arccos(x-3)


Thanks for your help

  • Pre-Calculus-check answers -

    in y=-4tan(1/2x + 3pi/8)
    y = -4 tan (1/2)[x + 3pi/4]

    so the period is 2pi/(1/2) = 4pi which is none of your choices.
    Did you type your questions or answers correctly??

    the phase shift would be 3pi/4 radians to the left.

    the inverse of y = cos x+3 is x = cos y+3

    then cos y = x-3
    and y = arccos(x-3)

  • Pre-Calculus-check answers -

    I double checked my typing on the first problem and everything was entered correctly.

  • Pre-Calculus-check answers -

    then the book is wrong

  • Pre-Calculus-check answers -

    I am not surprised as I have found many errors thus far.

    Thanks for helping

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