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This is my essay topic: If I could delay going to college for one year, what would I do in that time?

I have to write things that would relate to my major and interests in college (pre-med) so I need to think of some activities related to that, like volunteering in hospitals, and some activities that will be useful for college. PLEASEEEE provide some good ideas to get me started. Thank you so much!

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    By volunteering in hospitals, you'd be able to see a number of different health care professionals at work. This exposure could steer you towards medical field other than being a physician. It could sour you on a medical career, but could also strengthen your resolve to continue in medicine.

    By taking a year off before college, you'd give yourself a chance to mature a little more. This could be very valuable in such a rigorous curriculum as pre-med.

    Good luck with your essay.

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