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Rank the size of a change in temperature of one degree fahrenheit, one degree celsius, and one kelvin.

Ok I can't seem to get this question right no matter what I do. Isn't one fahrenheit degree the largest then celsius and kelvin? There are 180 fahrenheit degrees between the freezing point and boiling point of water but only 100 celsius degrees. So the larger change in temperature im assuming should be 1 degree fahrenheit.

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    Have a look at a 12 inch/30 cm ruler. Most have inches on one side and centimetres on the other. Which is the larger unit?

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    The range from the freezing temperature of water to the boiling point of water is as follows:
    Fahrenheit: 32 to 212 deg., a range of 180 degrees
    Celsius: 0 to 100 deg., a range of 100 degrees
    Kelvin: 273 to 373 deg., a range of 100 degrees
    So ... if we are talking about temperature change, not tmeperature,
    180 F = 100 C = 100 K
    Based on that relationship,
    1 deg.C = 1 deg.K = 1.8 deg.F
    Which degree is the smallest?

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