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identify the following sets of words as subjects,predicates,or complete sentences.
1.The apple
2.broke the window
3.Telephones ring
4.Ball bounce
5.The noisy trucks
6.Fell off the chair
7.A funny clown
8.The big comfortable couch
9.Ran down the street
10.A boy ate a hot wing

  • language arts -

    1. subject
    2. predicate
    3. ?
    4. ?
    5. subject
    6. predicate
    7. subject
    8. subject
    9. predicate
    10. Complete sentence

  • language arts -


  • language arts -

    2. Complete sentence
    3. Please check to make sure you've copied this correctly. "Ball bounce" is incorrect.

  • language arts -

    ball bounce could be a subject

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