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I have to do 10 algebra problems by tomorrow........and i don't know how..... :(
1. 7x-1 = 2x+5
2. 3y+1 = 4y-6
3. 10-y = 2y+3
4. 6x+2 = 1-x
5. 3a-10 = 4+a
6. 5y+4 = 4y+5
7. b+3 = 2b-7
8. 2x-1 = x-3
9. 2w+3 = 4w-5
10. 6n+4 = n-11

please help in any way you can...thnx


    7x-1 = 2x+5

    First get the unknowns on one side of the equation.

    7x - 2x = 6
    5x = 6
    x = 1.2

    You can check that by substituting.

    7(1.2) - 1 = 2(1.2) + 5
    8.4 - 1 = 2.4 + 5
    7.4 = 7.4

    Now -- please try a couple on your own. We'll be glad to check them for you.


    3y+1=4y-6 is Y= 1
    umm.... i think that i need more help with 10-y=2y+3.....
    6x+2=1-x is X= 0.42
    3a-10=4+a is A= 7
    5y+4=4y+5 is Y= 1
    b+3=2b-7 is B= 3.3
    2x-1=x-3 is X= 2
    2w+3=4w-5 is W= 1.3
    6n+4=n-11 is N= 2.14


    umm....does any1 kno if this is rite?

  • IMPOSSIBLE ALGEBRA >:( partial answer -

    3y+1=4y-6 is Y= 1
    1 + 6 = y
    7 = y

    10 - 3 = 3y


    I have this word problem that I can't figure out. The problem is:

    A 15 lb weight is positioned 10 in. form a fulcrum. At what distance from the fulcrum must a 12 lb weigt be positioned to keep the scale balanced?

    The substitute that I had today said that the 12 lb. weight would have to be further away from the fulcrum than the 15 lb., but my mom says the opposite.




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