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What feedback did you receive from the CWE ,your peer reviewer ,and your instructor ? Explain what feedback you will incorporate and what feedback you will not incorporate into your paper . Include a rationale for your choices.

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    What is it you need help with? You go to Axia don't you:)

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    This is a question only YOU can answer. After you answer it, we will be happy to make further suggestions or corrections if needed.

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    NObody can answer this question you have to because no one knows what your feedback is.Just look it over and the question is very simple.

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    Checkpoint: Research Paper Revision
    I have received a good feedback from my instructor, and the feed states “your strength was finding good points in your peer’s review paper. The peer review from my teacher was very clear and thought the illustration validated the paper. She also mentioned that the paper was well written and concise. Where she saw opportunity was in the conclusion. I will take her advice and incorporate the two questions into the body of the paper. However, more in depth analysis was required. Remember that each time you provide feedback; you need to point out strengths and weaknesses. Identifying the strengths will allow your peer to continue building upon them, and pointing the weaknesses will help your peer to fix his or her flaws and improve his or her paper. Good job!” I intend to use this feedback that my instructor gave in the next upcoming classes and throughout my course at University of phoenix. I will also use it in different tasks such as by incorporate the feedback in to my academic paper, homework assignments with new ideas. Overall my instructor suggests my strength was finding good points in peer’s review paper. The reason that I decided to use both; the peer reviewer, and the teacher’s feedback because they are very rationale, and would help strengthen my paper. In essence, the benefit that I gain from the peer reviewers will help improve my editing skills. Also there is no feedback mentioned that I will not incorporate into my paper because most of the comments were very positive.

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