Research Writing

posted by Doris

How do you do this? I am lost. My topic I chose is Homeless.

Summary of the Research Process

I. Begin the project.
A. Think about the assignment.
B. Analyze your audience and the purpose for which you are writing.
C. Select an appropriate topic.
D. Formulate a viable argument.
1. If your argument is too broad or too narrow, or if it does not follow the prescribed criteria, select another topic.
2. Turn your argument into a thesis statement.

II. Conduct research and utilize sources.
A. Create a list of requirements.
B. Gather sources.
1. Evaluate sources.
2. If you cannot find enough research, or if you find too much research, choose another topic or modify your focus.
C. Utilize sources.
1. Write down quotations, summaries, and paraphrases to use in your paper.
2. Keep track of your sources by formatting them using APA guidelines.

III. Organize and write the paper.
A. Revise your thesis based on the research you have completed and on the shape you wish your paper to take.
B. Create a full-sentence outline.
1. If you do not have enough information for your outline, conduct more research.
2. Logically organize the information in your outline to defend your thesis in the strongest manner possible.
C. Write your first draft.

IV. Revise the paper.
A. Revise and edit your paper a number of times.
B. Have someone else review your paper.
1. Determine which suggestions you will implement.
2. Determine which suggestions you will not implement.
C. Proofread your paper one last time.

  1. bobpursley

    You must, repeat must, make your topic much more specific before you can begin to research. Find some specific aspect of homelessness you want to pursue.

  2. Aslin

    My topic I chose is homeless the reason why I chose this topic is because many homeless people don't have any place to live or food or money this is bad because family are trying to find a house to live but also rents are expensive.rhis worries me cause not all people have to their own things like we all do they don't have anything to live at least they find something.but also it can be bad for them cause maybe they might get sick or nobody can't help them.

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