what does pre-algebra mean??

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i have to draw things that have to do with pre algebra but...i don't understand the meaning of it

  • what does pre-algebra mean?? -


  • what does pre-algebra mean?? -

    so am i dumb for learning this in 8th grade??

    well um basically its elementary math

  • what does pre-algebra mean?? -

    That is the main critism of prealgebra, it is a rehash of things taught before. However, my experience tells me that all kids learn by repetition, and they learn things at specific times of brain (cognitive)(look that word up) development, and in that, all kids are different. So what is taught in the sixth grade class is not absorbed by all kids, some have to have more repetition, and some need more time to handle the abstract concepts.

  • what does pre-algebra mean?? -

    pre algebra is like a bunch of math that comes before algebra in middle school.

  • what does pre-algebra mean?? -

    Pre-Algebra is basically preparing you for Algebra.

    Pre-Algebra teaches you Order of Operations, Properties of Numbers, Rational and Irrational Numbers, Exponents, PEMDAS, ect.

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