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I'm finding difficulty in answering this question. Any help would be appreciated.

For the equation,
y1= x^-5x+6 and its reciprocal:

Discuss what is the consequences for y1 to 1/y1 as x --> +- infinity?

Thanks in advance.

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    clearly as x becomes larger , x^2-5x+6 becomes larger even faster, so dividing by a larger and larger number will make 1/y1 approach zero

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    who r u TK, r u from NMHS?

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    Reiny, how could i further prove this?

    TP, NMHS? sorry>?

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    Just out of curiousity, are you from Adelaide? Because I got this same assignment, which is from the SSABSA website. I just thought you were a friend of mine, because my friend also uses the initials TK< but he didn't post this.

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    LOL @ comments above!!! guessing its Anthony or something ;D

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    I'm guessing BK is around here somewhere

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    beyonce Knowles? sweet! sensing a mongol...:D and a poon..

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    I'm thinking of something along the lines of Bor.....K....ien

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