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Pre-calculus-check answers

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Write the polynomial equation of least degree that has the roots: -3i, 3i, i, and -i.


2)Determine if the expression 4m^5-6m^8+m+3 is a polynomial in one variable. If so, state the degree.

Answer: It is a polynomial in one variable; Degree = 8


  • Pre-calculus-check answers -

    your first one would be
    (x+3i)(x-3i)(x-i)(x+i) which is what you had, but then
    =(x^2 - 9i^2)(x^2 - i^2) remember i^2 = -1
    = (x^2 + 9)(x^2 + 1)
    = .... you can finish that

    your second question is correct

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