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What is it called when you use one word to draw a picture of that word. The letters must be all the same way? I know Ive seen pictures like this in like Dentist office?

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    " Drawing words" is the term I have heard. Here is an example of drawing boy...

    Now a related task is to used words to draw pictures, poets have long done that in poetry.

    "Sliding out of bed with cow feet.."

    "With heart heavy as stone.."

    "The babe lay still with only moth breaths..."

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    Thanks to all for your help!

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    Thanks for your help!

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    You may be looking for the word ambigram which is something you can do with Word Art:

    (Broken Link Removed)

    I remember a French poet who was marvelous at it; I believe it was Apollinaire.


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    P.S. Here are more sites:


    2. Wikipedia:

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    thanks for your help!

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    I agree with Sra that you are probably thinking of an ambigram. You might want to check out FlipScript ambigrams where you can create one of these designs from any two words you type in.

    Good luck, Sherry

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