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I don't know if you guys have heard of this before, but its called the Senior Project. It's a 4-part project that involves writing a research paper (6 page min.), a physical project, a portfolio to show off what you have done and a speech to a panel of judges. More info..Google Senior Project, it should say the Official website.

Anyway, I have chosen my research topic to be something within music, and to be more specific, something that involves the guitar. Learning to play the guitar and the guitar itself is a passion of mine, I have always been interested in playing the instrument but I have never been motivated enough to actually do this. I'm hoping that this project will inspire me to do what I wanted to do.

Here is my question, my topic deals with something that involves the guitar but I'm not sure what specifically. The SP states that no 'How to' papers are allowed (such as how to play guitar, etc.) and this is where I'm stuck. I would like to do it on songwriting but I still need some help. Any ideas?

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    You might explore the history of the guitar, its major composers and performers. What kind of music has been written for the guitar? Is it only used for folk music or does it much broader uses?

    Here's a website about Andre Segovia, a pioneer in classical guitar.


    It would be cool if you could play different types of music on your guitar for the judges.

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    That's what I was thinking of doing for my presentation, seeing as how its a minimum of 6 minute speech.

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