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Can you give me an example of what a feature article could be about on the concept of "The Individual and the Family"? All I can think of is about what the teenagers in the society today act like, but nothing about with the family.

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    * Families who take vacations together, whether it's to a nearby beach or camping in different states or to a different country

    * Families who sit down together and make emergency plans (and carry them out together if necessary)

    * Families who have a special "movie night with Dad" after dinner on a particular evening of the week (My daughter's family does this, and the choice of the movie is Dad's -- and yes, there's a teenager in that family who loves it!)

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    To add to Writeacher's excellent ideas --

    Remember that today's family may not be Mom, Dad, and 2.5 children. Many families are headed by single Moms. Lots of kids are being raised by grandparents. Also, some families are headed by two women or two men. Families may also include three generations living under one roof.

    You might take one of these examples and explore it.

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