algebra ll

posted by kyle

solve the system of equation. 4x - 3y equals 14 y equals -3x plus 4 and another following up 4x - 3 equals 8 2x plus 5y equals 9 thatnk u for the help

  1. drwls

    You should begin learning algebra by learning how to write the equations. Does your computer not have +, - and = signs? If so, use them.

    You have two variables so there should be two equations, yet I see the word "equals" four times. I have no idea what the equations are supposed to be.

  2. kyle

    i said another following up as in same question but different equation and kyle doesnt have +, - and = .so either answer the question with out any comment or if u don't know the ans. move on. i think its silly for us talking on a homework website get over it and go on.

  3. Anonymous

    4 mulitiplied by $x equals

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