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I have to do a research paper on Lupus. I need help with an introduction paragraph. ( 3-5 sentences) and a conclusion paragraph.

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    We can't write if for you. What is your point on Lupus? Disease symptoms? Progression? Prognosis? Treatment? Cost? The accepted medical billing and coding used in treatment? All of that material is readily available. Frankly, it seems to me very unwise to think about an introduction and conclusion before you have formed some research notes, and have an idea of what you are going to write about (ie, a thesis). Think on those points. We will be happy to critique your thinking.
    My eldest daughter suffers from Lupus, and as the disease is near the final states, it is worrysome and troubling to me, and others. Good luck.

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    How in the world do you plan to effectively write an introduction and conclusion for a paper you haven't written yet?? Here are the steps in the writing process. Are you following them?

    Prewriting -- brainstorming ideas, planning or outlining your ideas, drafting your thesis statement

    Writing -- writing the rough draft for the BODY PARAGRAPHS of your paper so that you follow the outline/plan you wrote which must support your thesis statement; read over, revise, and edit the rough draft of the BODY PARAGRAPHS of your paper; once the body of the paper is pretty much written and revised, then you should be able to write a decent introduction, with the thesis statement at the end of that introduction; finally you should be able to draft your conclusion.

    Revise/edit/proofread -- Read over (or even better, ask someone else to read aloud) your entire rough draft. Hearing someone else read it is one of the best ways to discover what doesn't make sense, what doesn't read smoothly, etc.

    Note: Revision and editing and rewriting may need to be repeated more than once or twice.
    for introductions and conclusions

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