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please help me on this...

1. In "A Portait of the Artist as a Young Man," Stephen's questions reveal he is:
a. indiffernt about his life.
b. concerned about hsi place in world.
c. angry about his life.
d. hopeful and happy about his life.
i think its a?

2. The main character in "A Sunrise on the Veld" feels___and____just before the dying buck.
a. contemplative, serene
b. omnipotent, unstoppable
c. joyous, free
d. tired, alone

3. In "A Garden Party," Laura is uncomfortable in the dead worker's house because she:
a. doesn't know how to console his wife.
b. has to tell his wife of his death.
c. feels guilty because of her wealth and privilege
d. is scared of his wife

4. In "Angela's Ashes," the narrator is saving his money for:
a. dinner and a movie
b. to buy his own home
c. to give to his mother
d. passage to America

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    What do YOU THINK about each one? Then someone will be able to comment.

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