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simplify the expression

i know the answer is log(2)3 but i can't figure out the work to get that answer

  • Math -

    Use the rules for changing the base of a logarithm at

    It says that
    log(a)x = log(b)x/log(b)a

    In your case, use it to show that
    log(4)9 = log(2)3^2/log(2)4
    = 2log(2)3/log(2)4 = log(2)3 !!
    Therefore 2log(4)9 = 2 log(2)3
    Subtracting 2log(2)3 from that leaves you with log(2)3

  • Math (correction) -

    The last line should read:
    Subtracting log(2)3 from 2log(2)3 leaves you with log(2)3

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