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Which one of the following sentence represents an example of an effective
A. An animal is a living creature that is not human.
B.An animal is different from a vegetable or mineral.
C.All animals are the same in some ways,
yet different in others.
D.An animal is a living creature that moves and ingests food through a mouth.
Answer :C or D
Both sounds o.k , but which one is correct


    Please reread them. One of them doesn't define anything, just says there are similarities and differences.



    That's why it is a bit confusing ,but this is exactly how it is the text book.


    Sentence C is simply saying there are similarities and differences among animals. That's not a definition.

    Sentence D has details about an animal.

    Sentence A tells what an animal isn't -- not a good definition.

    Sentence B also tells what animals are not.


    I guess D is more likely as it little bit describes an animal.


    It sort of depends on how you want to define "effective," since the examples that would seem to work ("A" and "D") aren't actually true.

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