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Which of the following sentences uses apostrophe correctly?
A. She enjoyed the movie and told me it's scenery reminded her of her hometown.

B.You really ought to take up fly-fishing-- it's a very relaxing hobby.

C.This is a fine piece of furniture, and it's merits speak for themseleves.

D.She wants to study music in all of it's various genres.

Answer:B looks correct but is a bit tricky ,am I correct.


    The apostrophe is used when the two words are put together
    it is ---> it's
    When there is doubt, the possession use (for example: the farmer's cow)does not rate an apostrophe.
    So I believe you are correct.


    Here is an example from Wikipedia:

    "That noise? It's just the dog eating its bone."


    Apostrophes are used for contraction. You are correct!

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