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which sentece has a retrictive clause?
1.Her sister who is a lawyer in New York City ,is coming for the weekend.
2.The book that Mario wrote turned out to be long,dense and boring.
3.Rhode Island,which is the smallest state, is in Northern U.S.
4.The cost of the carpet is $500,which is more than Iwanted to spend.

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    A restrictive clause?

    Restrictive clauses are needed in the sentence for it to make sense. Also, restrictive clauses should NOT have commas before and after them. Most restrictive clauses start with "who" or "which" or one of those pronouns' forms.

    Which one do you think it is? I can see it clearly.


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    I think it is 1.
    1.Her sister who is a lawyer in New York
    City,is coming for the weekend.

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    No, it's 2. And there should be no commas in that sentence. None!

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