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Describe the evolutionary basis for behavioral ecology. Explain why these adaptations may result in suboptimal behavior.

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    It's difficult from your statement to guess what exactly you understand, and what you're having trouble with. If you're not getting the gist of the assignment, you'll need to review your lessons and textbook for a description of evolution and adaptation. (Review the ideas of selection for traits generated through random mutation; species concept and speciation). Then you'll need to find a definition of "behavioral ecology" so you understand what it means. Once you understand that behavioral ecology is a product of natural selection just like morphological traits (color; body plan; feathers; fur, teeth, etc), then you can examine the second part of the assignment. (Hint: adaptations are all trade-offs, one way or another. A cheetah is capable of incredible bursts of speed, but is quickly exhausted; if it fails to capture prey after a few attempts, it may have used so much energy that it is rendered incapable of hunting effectively and starves.)

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    Thanks a lot!

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