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What do you have to do and where do you have to go to get a book published?
what are the requirements?

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    Here are some sites that will have some good ideas. I'd stick to the first 3 or 4 in the search results list (not counting the first three, which are commercial sites).

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    Some of the links that Writeacher recommended look very good.

    Why do you want to get a book published?

    Commercial companies that publish the book at their expense and actually pay a small advance to the author want to make a profit on their investment. They are obviously very selective in the books they choose to publish. They have to be convinced that the book is going to make money for them.

    Check the book Writer's Guide for possible publishers and their requirements.

    If you choose to self-publish a book, be prepared to pay big fees for the actual printing. Then you'll need to advertise and market the book. Of course the distribution of the book to lucrative markets adds another dimension to the process.

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    alot of work

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