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Hey, I need to Stretch this Question into about Half a Page, Now .. , Any answers on this Question, To either help me get my Report done, Or someone to actually do it for me would be appreciated.

Q. The Twenty first century, Will never see the Rise of an Evil dictator such as Afold Hitler as the Would has learnt it's lesson from the past?..


Someone please Help me.

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    Only a half page??? This could easily be an entire book -- or at least a 20-page research paper.

    I'm certainly not going to do your report for you. However, I will give you some ideas.

    First, I disagree with the statement that the world has learned its lesson and will not see another evil dictator. I doubt if Europe will ever have such an evil dictator -- although
    President Milosevic of Yugoslavia came fairly close in the 1990s.

    Africa has seen more than its share of "evil dictators."
    (Broken Link Removed)

    Also think about the slaughter and slavery in Sudan.

    Saddam Hussein didn't have any guilt feelings about torturing and killing thousands of his countrymen.

    What about the Cultural Revolution in China?

    No doubt that Adolf Hitler was the worst dictator in the long history of the world -- but tragically, I'm afraid he wasn't the last "evil dictator."

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    Thankyou Very much, It's actually a Full page but im sure, I will be able to manage ( Hopefully :] ), Thanks for the Help!.

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