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I would like to apply for scholarships. Is the site which was recently posted regarding college for all texans
an online application site or did I misunderstand?
I looked into it but could not find an application link.

  • Texas Colleges -


    Yes, this is for all Texans. This may be a different link from what I posted yesterday, but I checked it out. Be sure to check out all the links under Paying for college, as well as the appropriate ones in the left column.


  • Texas Colleges -

    I strongly recommend Southwest Texas Univ. at San Marcos. Very good school, beautiful country. Close to both Austin and San Antonio -

  • Texas Colleges -

    I have heard of, but not researched Texas State University. I've heard it called a "suitcase school" and a party school as well. But I suppose it just depends on the student's motivation.

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