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Hi, I am having troubles with Lewis structure and VSEPR theory of (ClPO3)2-.Do I use 2 bonds for each O and one for Cl, so its tetrahedral, or do I use 2 bonds for one O and one bond for the other two Os(making dative bonds)+ one for Cl and one pair of non-bonding, so its structure is going to be something different? Please help, I am very confused. Thanks

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    Not sure if you are asking about a molecule or an ion. The only structure I could come up with that would obey the octet rule using 60 valence electrons was:
    The two P's linked to each other. Each P attached to 3 O's. Each Cl linked to an O. The total number of valence electrons would be (2*5 + 6*6 + 2*7) = 60. Each atom has an octet, and we have tetrahedral structures around each P. The structure is neutral</>, not an ion. If you are asking about the structure of an anion, what is the negative charge? We need a more clear description of what we are constructing.

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