posted by jules

Does anyone know why Texas, is the only state that I know of, that has that state pride?
(e.g. "Don't Mess W/Texas" "Everything is bigger and better in Texas", etc. etc.
Just wondering...any Texans out there???

  1. Ms. Sue

    I'm not a Texan, but have lived in Illinois and Michigan. It seems to me that most people are proud of their state. Illinois is the Land of Lincoln and the city of Chicago -- "hog butcher of the world." Michigan is proud of bordering four of the five Great Lakes. "If you seek a beautiful peninsula, look around you." We also are (or least were) proud of our auto industry. Look at the intense rivalries of university football teams -- Michigan vs. Ohio State, for example.

    I understand that New Yorkers hardly recognize anything or anyone west of the Appalachians. Many Alaskans look with derision on people in the "Lower Forty-eight."

    Texans may boast louder than those of other states (maybe they are big mouths??)

    Please check back to see if our Texas teachers respond to your provocative question. <g>

  2. GuruBlue

    Soy una Tejana. <G>

    Texans came from early settlers in the southeast before the Civil War and established a Republic. They fought and won their independence from Mexico.
    When they established the Republic, one of the first things they did was set up Land Grant Colleges; so much land was set aside just for that. Texans handshake was their honor. They believed in "neighboring". It has been years since I have lived there, but the values of my upbringing there are the values that I have brought to my classrooms and to raising my three sons... independence, honesty, education, looking after your neighbors.

  3. GuruBlue

    There just isn't any place more beautiful than the Texas Hill Country! In spring the earth is a quilt of wild flowers and the sky is so close you can touch it.

  4. jules

    Hey y'all,
    Yes, the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush are beautiful in the spring.
    (Gurublue) You should schedule a visit to the great state of Texas, especially the hill country.
    I met a hairdresser from Michigan who had recently moved to Texas felt that Texans were friendlier and she has no plans to return to her home state.
    I am hoping the other Texan teachers respond with their thoughts.

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