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1.What are the different ways in which we evaluate people?We evaluate people in a lot of different way. We look at a person on how they dress, if they don’t in a way we think they are suppose to dress then we look down on them. How we feel when they talk to us (some people communicate in a descending way, some have a very soft tone to their voice, and some are very energetic and powerful when they talk). All these things can be received in different ways. Most people don't like to be talked down to and therefore will probably avoid conversation as much as possible with the person/people talking to them like this. Anyone with a soft tone and tenderness to the way they talk can be perceived as kind and gentle but also could be looked at as having no backbone and not being able to stand up for themselves (easy target so to speak). Someone with a lot of energy and power when they talk can seem arrogant and self-centered, or maybe fun to be around because they are never boring. We also look at a person weight if they over weight then we have a problem with that person hanging around us or we talk about that person. We look down on that person for not being a size two.

2. How do these factors plays a role in our expectations of other people?
3.3. What are the disadvantages of these exceptions?

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