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I cant get oxidation numbers right. How do I get the oxidation number of Br in HBrO? Is it that H is +1, Br is -1 and O is -2? So the oxidation number is -2? Or is it wrong?

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    what is the charge on HBrO? If it is zero, then the Br would have to be +1. Oxygen is always -2, then Hydrogen is +1, so Br would have to be +1 in order for everything to equal out. Dr. Bob can usually answer all my chemistry questions, and he can tell you if I am right or not, but I think that I have a grasp on oxidation

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    I still don't understand how do I know what is the oxidation state of Br.

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    Ken is right.
    Here is a site on oxidation numbers that is one of the simplest sites I have seen. Specifically, however, ALL compounds are zero. So HBrO is zero charge. Since H is +1, and O is -2, what must Br be to make HBrO zero? It must be +1.
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    Understand now, thank you

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